Mundocreativo Team

Our Team

In 2019 we founded our first headquarters in Gran Canaria. This house is the space we share to carry out the activities of content creation and the design of our EcoHikes.

A community of conscious travelers in Gran Canaria

Mundocreativo is a non-profit organization established in Gran Canaria with the aim of generating actions that help to preserve and restore the environment in the island with the purpose to extend the project to many other parts of the world.


The faces behind Mundocreativo and the ones who have gathered people from all around the world in order to enjoy our planet, respect it and #leaveitbetter.


Jose Lourido

A photography and nature lover and the content creation coordinator


Yuriko Oyama

The biggest smile of the association and the one responsible for the coordination of the different projects

The Tribe

Our first headquarters is found in Tenoya, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. Mundocreativo is formed by volunteers that come from different parts of the world. This team gathers creative people that are committed to the environment and share the idea that with small day-to-day actions it is possible to help leaving the planet better for future generations.

Do you want to be part of our team?

We are looking for volunteers to help us in different areas. If you are interested, continue reading!


Due to the current situation because of covid-19, we have stopped all of our volunteer processes, complying with the recommended safety measures.


These are some of the areas our volunteers help with in the association:



Content Creation



If you have a traveler profile interested in sustainable tourism, who likes writing about destinations, take pictures or videos, that can help us to translate our publications into other languages or contributing with great ideas, contact us at and we will inform you about all the conditions of volunteering with us.