Our Team

Our first site in Las Palmas host the first team, where we share a space to carry out the activities and create content to help us achieve our goals.

8 people sharing experiences in Gran Canaria.

Recently we have inaugurated our first headquarters in Gran Canaria.  This house is the starting point of our activities and the common space where we come together to create content, content (at this stage) focusing on the Island of Gran Canaria and actions related to the recovery of its environment. 


Jose Lourido

A lover of photography and nature, he is responsible for the association and coordinating the creation of content.


Noah Ruf

Responsible for the organic garden and maintenance of the facilities.


Yuriko Oyama

The biggest smile of the association and the one responsible for the coordination of the different projects.

Join Mundocreativo

We still have 4 positions available to share a lot of experiences in Gran Canaria. Do you want to join?


Sophie Allerkamp

If you don't find her doing Yoga on the terrace, she will probably be organizing the workshops or coordinating the helping hands of the association.

Do you want to be part of our team?

We are looking for volunteers to create travel content.

We are looking for content creators and translators into English or German.

If you still don’t have plans for this autumn/winter we invite you to join our team, creating content related to sustainable tourism in the Canary Islands. We are looking for a traveler profile who likes to write about destinations, take pictures or videos, or can help us translate our publications into other languages.

Contact us at and we will inform you of all the conditions of volunteering with us.