Leave it better

Can you imagine if each of us will take some trash or waste every time he goes out of the way?

A small act for a huge impact.

Many times we think that small gestures barely have an impact on the environment, but any minimal act repeated regularly and by many people becomes a gigantic event. With this campaign we want to promote something as simple as going out with a backpack and to collaborate in collecting trash that we find along the way, such as cans, bottles, etc … Something very simple, that doesn’t require alot of effort but with the collaboration of many it will help us to make our landscapes look much cleaner.

Mundocreativo routes

waste backpacks

In all our routes we will apply this principle of leaving the place better as we have found it. For this we will simply go out with a backpack to collect the garbage that we find along the way.

Would you like to join our trips in Gran Canaria?


Every week we make two public trips discovering beautiful places in Gran Canaria and at the same time help in the cleaning and conservation of the Island. If you want to participate, send us an email to with your name, telephone number and a profile of your social networks. We only have 6 places so we will select the most interesting profiles to enjoy the day. The price is only 5 euros (gasoline contribution).  On our Instagram profile we will publish information of the next routes. Hope to see you soon! 

Plastics and containers


The time nature takes to recycle a plastic container is enormous, so for hundreds of years it will be polluting our soils or seas. Luckily these objects are recyclable, and we just have to deposit them in the right place. The effort to carry them in our backpack and leave them in the appropriate container, is nothing comparable to the satisfaction of seeing our landscapes free of this waste again.

participate with us

Collaborate in the campaign with the #leaveitbetter

Add in your publications the #leaveitbetter so that many more join us to repeat this gesture. And above all, do not forget your waste backpack to continue cleaning our environments.