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In 2019 we founded Mundocreativo on the island of Gran Canaria. Our team is composed of volunteers from different parts of the world, who share the same values ​​and commitment to the environment.

We bring together people from different disciplines, such as illustrators, photographers, writers, artists, and designers, so they can work together to broadcast our activities.

Our headquarter is an open workspace, where everyone joins efforts to achieve our goals. We create innovative ideas that will have a positive impact on society and will become drivers of change.

In addition to this space, we have a van to transport volunteers and in the organization of EcoHikes.

The Tribe

Meet the team members that work hard to achieve Mundocreativo’s goals so we can continue communicating our ecological message.

Why do we need your help?

Our activity in raising environmental awareness has become urgent. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, the utilization of single-use masks, gloves, containers, and utensils has grown exponentially, greatly increasing pollution by non-biodegradable waste.

At Mundocreativo we want to redouble our efforts to spread sustainable habits that help nature conservation. That is why today more than ever we need your help!

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Join the generation that is changing the world!

Our project is for everyone who wants to do their part in helping the environment, no matter how small it is.

For those that will not yield and want to enjoy the places they visit, free of waste.

For all the people that can imagine our children growing up in a better world.

Your collaboration with this project will be for the benefit of everyone:


more beautiful

A planet
better cared for

At Mundocreativo we encourage a sustainable way of travel that reduces the negative social and environmental impact of tourism. We seek to educate and raise awareness, to create habits that can help improve the deteriorated state in which we find nature today.

We believe that education is the keystone of change. If we manage to transmit caring and sustainable habits through our association, the negative impact of tourism would decrease and leave a healthier planet for the next generations.

We have been on this road for a whole year now and we have plenty of ideas for years to come. In the future, we would love to conduct workshops in schools and incorporate students into our EcoHikes. This way, children would learn the value of recycling and respect for nature.

In order to be able to move forward with this project, we need your support. Donate to help our cause, and receive beautiful rewards!

The rewards

Check out the designs for our t-shirts, hoodies and tote bags.

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