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Our activities are aimed at promoting responsible and environmentally friendly tourism habits, as well as developing tools that connect local social and environmental projects with tourists who want to actively participate in this development.

We want tourists to be aware of the environmental impact of their actions during their travels and to become aware that the sum of small habits can have big transformations. At the same time we want to collaborate with public or private institutions in the development of quality tourism content aimed at encouraging these changes, encouraging the participation of young people in recreational and cultural activities that serve for the dissemination of responsible tourism.

Creation of travel content

One of the main activities of our association will be to create multimedia content that promotes the principles of Sustainable Tourism. For this purpose Mundocreativo will use a new tool called Topdesti, serving as an example to other associations as it enables possibilities of obtaining income via the activities and through its digital content.

Cleaning and awareness-raising activities to improve the environment

Offering travelers to participate in them and thus promote tourism with a positive impact.

You can find more information in our EcoHikes section.

Other activities


Developing dissemination activities together with experts in different areas related to tourism and environmental protection.


Encouraging the participation of tourists and locals who promote the needs of the latter in the protection of their environment.


Elaboration of books and magazines that show the natural and cultural richness of our environment.