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Logo Mundocreativo

Mundocreativo is a non-profit organization that carries out activities of diffusion, conservation and restoration of the environment, and whose main objective is to promote a model of travel that reduces the negative social or environmental impact of tourism, and encourage those practices and activities that help to improve relations between locals and visitors.

The recent formation (August 2019) means that we still have a lot of work ahead of us, but without a doubt, and with your help, this journey will be an exciting one in the future.



Our first environmental action is aimed at creating a simple habit but lasting in time. It is simply a matter of trying to leave the places we visit better to how we find them. Many times we think that the big actions are the ones that really have an impact, but it is the changes in our daily lives that will allow us to leave future generations a beautiful planet.

Given the current situation due to COVID-19 crisis, we need your help more than ever to save our association and continue our environmental work.

All help, no matter how small, is welcome and makes a big difference for Mundocreativo. You can collaborate by giving a small donation or spreading our message through social media with your family and friends.

Help us by buying one of our t-shirts!

During our first year, we have organized more than 80 EcoHikes with more than 40 volunteers from 12 different countries. We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but, with your help, we can make Mundocreativo’s EcoHikes reach everyone in every corner of the world.